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CAPRICORN (Dec 22–Jan 20)
Astrological Reads 2022

Capricorns are the most determined and driven out of all the zodiac signs. You don’t let anything stand in the way of you achieving your goals and each of the books shown below feature a character (or two!) that are incredibly determined in the path they have chosen. These characters are smart––they take risks, but not without first evaluating the situation!

Bored & Brilliant by Mananoush Zomorodi - Water-bearers need more time to be creative. It’s a fact. Bored and Brilliant is the perfect guide to using your phone less, with challenges along the way. You’ll become more aware of when and how you’re using your phone, and begin to ponder why. And then make changes as you see fit. It’s the perfect book for Aquarius readers who just want to detach from the world once in a while.

Rebel Chef by Dominique Crenn - There’s nothing Capricorns like more than a success story; after all, they are known to be efficient workers who excel at every endeavor. This book is the real life story of Dominique Crenn, a Michelin-Star chef who overcame many obstacles in her life like battling breast cancer, opening her first restaurant at the age of 45, and making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. The sea-goat Capricorn will relate to the reflective tonality of the book, which marks Crenn’s evolution from harvesting natural ingredients at her grandparents' farm in France to being a top chef.

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel - Assuming the power recently lost by the disgraced Cardinal Wolsey, Thomas Cromwell counsels a mercurial Henry VIII on the latter's efforts to marry Anne Boleyn against the wishes of Rome and many of his people, a successful endeavor that comes with a dangerous price. Thomas Cromwell himself is a master-class in Capricorn-eqsue ambition.

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson - When Stevie Bell, an amateur detective, begins her first year at a famous private school in Vermont, she plans to solve the cold case involving the kidnapping of the founder's wife and daughter shortly after the school opened in 1936. Capricorns will definitely enjoy Stevie’s dedication and will as always try to solve the puzzles before the book ends

Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman - While it may seem like Capricorns tend to forget about things like “joy” and “fun,” one thing they almost universally love is quality craftsmanship because it takes time, patience, and attention to get it right. Nick Offerman (and his most famous role, Ron Swanson) is often seen as our patron saint of sorts, so this is a perfect fit.

Shortest Way Home by Pete Buttigieg - Not only is Mayor Pete a Capricorn himself, but throughout this book he embodies most of our positive traits (ambition, management skills, dedication, and self control) with almost none of our negatives (condescending sternness, grumpiness, and a tendency to hold grudges).

  • Capricorn
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    • The Jungle Book
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    • The Chilbury Women’s Choir
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